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In this blog, you will find the literary works made by our students, the AIS Community and other participants.

The objective is to disseminate diverse, inclusive, literary and informative content created by the Altamira community (students, parents, teachers and administrators) and other external participants. With this, we want to accompany and strengthen our curricular strategies to generate writers that are able to find or recover their voice, tell their story, their thoughts, their position on a particular topic.  We want to turn the Innovation Center into a content generator that promotes communication and dialogue.

“Literacy itself is a “social and political practice rather than a set of neutral, psychological skills”.

— Siegel & Fernandez, 2000.

Here you will find the written works of our students, the AIS Community and other external participants that want to share their works with others. 

Here you will find graphic works along with some written ideas to utilize the effective power of the image.