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To: Axl

You were just a child when you ran away

Just thinking about where your heart will take

Young and naive searching for that rockstar dream

That cost you so much just to get at the peak

Started out with nothing more than friends

Even with some issues you still made it day by day

A small garage is all you had, no food, no home, no place to hide

Along your mates still made it out,

Even when things got tough no one backed out

Beautiful lyrics and melodies but still unknown

How could that be possible?

Still I couldn’t have known

So much talent just in one place

And people still missed it what a shame

One thing I knew is that sound

Was something still not found

A diamond in the rough that is what it is

That looks like a rock but the real piece its inside

All bands trying so hard,

To replicate that unusual sound

So unique, so profound

Lyrics that got to everyone’s heart

Even the strongest weren’t so smart

Through melodies so fascinating and unheard

Broke through every wall and standard ever made

Combining genres that don’t even mix

Like ice cream and bacon that don’t even click

A rock ballad who would’ve thought?

Something so beautiful and powerful

Like a rose and a gun

But nothing lasts forever

An unfortunate bitter fact

That is inevitable

Even if we wished

Friends and foes fell along the way

But you didn’t care and kept going anyways

All of them wanting to move on

Go for different paths to go alone

Still you forced them to stay

Keeping that fake illusion

That wasn’t working anyways

Everything just got worse

Drugs and music don’t mix well, not at all

Kick everyone out, when it didn’t work

Eventually they all left with no remorse

You alone on top of the world

Kept the name of the gun and the rose

Living the illusion it was the same as before

Everyone else living their lives

Being happy and not in a lie

Even though everything went downhill

Your memories will remain forever still

People loved you for who you were

For the emotion and the adrenaline that they felt

Concerts and tours all around the world

It wasn’t the same as before

Looking for fame anywhere else

But the memory still lies where everyone was there

One day lying in the bright blue sky

Reminiscing of my childhood memories

Your beautiful memory just lives on,

I will keep the nice things and forget about the worse ones.

Your music connected people even those with nothing in common,

Like north and south, yet they lie in the same globe

That bright blue sky and a sweet childhood will remain by

Young and naive, that is what I was

When my dad told me sweet child o mine

Don’t cry no more, this illusion you so desperately want

In this November rain is just not worth crying for

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