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Written by Felipe Rojas

During my time in school, I have grown a lot as a person. I’ve become more social, smarter, both socially and intellectual, and learned a lot. Not everything I've taken in has come from professors and work, but also from my friends. I have learn how to be a better person and to be the best version of myself because of them. And yea school is important for the knowledge you get in subjects like Calculus, or science, english, but it is also important for developing relationships with other people and learning to express yourself. Throughout my school life, I evolved, became a better person, one who is more sure of themselves and of who they are. I’ve learnt to accept my weaknesses and strengths, and to work and improve on them. Everyone that I have met during my time at school has affected me one way or another, either by something they say, or by something that they do rubbing off on me. All the friends we make along the way make up the person you are now, as they will influence you in many more ways than you can think.

I have changed a lot not only emotionally and in my way of thinking, but also physically. I’ve found an image of myself that I feel comfortable about and happy about. But I’m not done changing yet. No one is. We all change and find new ways to think, act, feel, etc almost everyday, with every single interaction we have with other people. Now that I’m gonna start a new chapter of my life in university, I’m sure I will change even more and grow as a person. From every interaction I have with the new people I’ll meet, I always will still carry thoughts and mannerisms learnt from people at school, that helped me for who I am today, who helped me change into a better me. And as they say, change is good.

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