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The importance of ABBA in emotional matureness

The lyrics and intention behind the songs of the band ABBA, are of vital importance since it foments emotional awareness. All songs have a literature behind it, and all pieces of literature have a purpose and message to send to an audience. Taking into account that most of the band’s songs are a manifestation of love, it shows how the band wants to express emotional maturity.

Taking into consideration the lyrics of the songs as well, it can be interpreted as a way to demonstrate the importance of feelings and how to become emotionally mature enough in order to express your emotions. For example, the song “Lay all your love on me” by ABBA is a manifestation of love but not in a superficial way, the authors of the song expose the desire, thoughts of a relationship, opinions and even uncertainty. This teaches the audience not to hide one's emotions or perspective. The word choice also impacts the audience into thinking a mature and truthful way to share feelings.

On the other hand, by analyzing the background of the band, it can be said that the individuals whose music is intended to be young adults. This can be demonstrated since disco music, which is the rhythm of ABBA’s songs, were very often listened to in night clubs. Based on that, the group influenced the young audience to become emotionally mature, especially at those ages. Therefore by using a catchy beat, it sticks to the person, making a heavy impact and print on the listeners. For example, dedicating someone a song from ABBA can be a way to truthfully express the pure feelings towards someone or as the individuals hear more songs from the band, they would eventually know how to present feelings and opinions by themselves.

Additionally, since the message of the songs are always told from a woman’s point of view, it makes it more sensible. This doesn’t marginalize men, it just makes the way of transmitting the message more delicate for the audience. This shows the strategic method to send the intention of the band. If it weren’t that way, the message would be completely different and could even influence the listeners in a different way. For example, in the song “Honey, Honey” the woman exposes all of her feelings towards the love she receives from a man. If the man were to tell it from its point of view, the purpose of the song would be to show how the man transmits love and not how he feels about it. This would not be the level of emotional awareness that the songs of ABBA normally have.

Finally, it can be concluded that the literary intention of the writing and execution of the songs of ABBA is to promote, teach, and show the importance of emotional maturity for the young adult population. By using the tools of rhythm, beat, and lyrics, it transmits and influences learning how to express feelings in a correct way. If the songs were told from a different point of view or a different method, the message would have never been the same.

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