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Written by Samuel Vargas

Could you imagine?

a world looking out, looking for me, for us, for sounds

a nice smile, pretty, tiny, little blue eyes but

Are they tho?

They could be green under the night sky,

gray under the city's artificial lights

but if you look at me just right…

just right

You´ll see nothing, nothing at all

cause it's devoid,

devote to all

the unconscious, soulless, mechanic need to call

Cand oh when you do get in touch

a high able to bring back the natural blush

and now it´s absolute pitch flack all along

Now the least devoid, cause green, gray, yellow, red

and absolutely everything else

dances, hands tied in batches.

A tune that keeps me in loop

every ring becomes a bouncing hoop

and do ask me who

Cause I sense the monsters crawling

and I can answer to the bawling

So if you could all see this

Precious jade I´m holding

You´d see why I´m KNOCKING.

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