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Digging into Harry Styles’s life

Besides being an icon in the music genre, Harry has broken prototypes and influenced the lives of many people nowadays. With his sparse involvement in social media, Styles manages to get a message across to a large population. Women paint their nails and men drink beer. This is how things are supposed to work, but not according to Harry Styles. Styles has proven time and time again that he does not believe or participate in gender stereotypes such as those mentioned above. He always plays with the norms associated with genders. He knows the boundaries and what does he do? He disregards them. In his public life, total freedom over his appearance and way of thinking.

Furthermore, through his lyrics, he makes an intense impact and touches the hearts of many people who can relate. One of the things I like most about him is that he has his own musical style, which leaves a special stamp on each of his songs. In addition, through them he tells a story, which generates a closeness with his followers. Despite his fame, Harry has always shown to be a charismatic and friendly person with his fans.

Sometimes I would like to ask him what goes through his mind while he writes his songs, who is he thinking about, how does he feel? How does it feel to win all the awards he has managed to obtain?. Honestly, I would like to congratulate him because at such a young age he could live with so much fame and still continue with his career, for the dedication and effort he puts into his work. I must admit that, during his time with One Direction, the name Harry Styles didn't mean much to me. I knew he was British, a member of the famous boy band, that he had a brief affair with Kendall Jenner and was somewhat stylish, but no more. And, today, years after he became a pop star, I confess that I find myself completely obsessed with him. And, apparently, so is the entire internet. But why him and why now? Within a matter of months, the interwebs began to fill up with articles praising his kindness and active involvement in the LGBT+ community. That's when we truly entered the era of Harry Styles. What does he have that other stars his age don't have? Let's remember that the millennial generation is one that is sharply divided. While half follow youtubers who don't propose much or pretend to make a real impact on the world, the other half are in the streets demanding their rights and fighting for the most noble causes. It is these second half that are in a constant search for people to represent them in the world of entertainment. Names that share their ideals, that use their influence with conscience. And yes, Styles is one of them. And what can we expect from a singer who uses his concert merchandise to promote his mantra instead of his name? The thousands of people who have attended concerts on his tour have left the venue wearing "Treat People With Kindness" t-shirts. And... is there anything more important than treating others with kindness? His concerts are full of powerful messages to his audience: "feel free to do what you want, feel free to be what you want". It's easy to look at the younger generation and lose hope for the future. And that's when we come across personalities like Harry Styles and remember: millennials are here, present, active and aware.

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