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The Science and Art of Changing Memories

The school was my home,

where I learned to walk,

although at first I was afraid,

slowly I grew.

The classrooms were my world,

where I felt safe,

with my classmates,

I discovered new horizons.

The teachers were guides,

who taught me every day,

with patience and dedication,

they showed me the way to go.

From the books I learned,

that the mind can open,

and that every knowledge,

would make me grow as a person.

Laughter, games, and challenges,

taught me to be a warrior,

to face fears and failures,

and to not give up against obstacles.

Today I look back and see,

how the school transformed me,

made me strong, intelligent, and capable,

to face any adversity.

That's why I thank with love,

my school and its teachers,

for helping me in my transformation,

and for giving me wings to fly far away.

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