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The Bad Rabbit

The bad rabbit mourns the life he lost because of fame. He says he feels empty, that "everything is superficial, nothing is real, nothing that money can't buy". He wears diamond garments that are blind when he lights up and doesn't know whether to go out in the Mercedes Benz or the Maserati.

In "otra noche en Miami '', Benito tells us a story that can almost be seen in pictures: it is ten o'clock at night and he is ready to start another day of excesses with a shiny look that stands out from the crowd. Everyone wants his attention and the foreign women call him "Papi". The whores are getting fine, they ask for the most expensive champagne, and when he leaves they tell him they miss him. He knows it's not him, but the money that goes with him. Then he tells us that under those Louis Vuitton looks and the Gucci glasses he wears even at night, there is a Bad Bunny hit by a love that rumbles in his head, and from the Penthouse overlooking the sea at half past eleven, he is already thinking about her again. All this empty splurge, the Rolexes, the threesomes, and orgies are just to pass the time and forget her. Even though he has everything and is surrounded by people he is still alone, he misses the girl from his previous life and tells her that if she wants to come back he should let her know, he doesn't care about everything and he doesn't even share a blanket with those whores.

This is the sixth track of the 24-year-old Puerto Rican artist's first album. An album of 15 songs in which trap and reggaeton prevail, but in which there is also dance, bachata, rock, and pop. Each track opens a door to what could have been many different albums, but Bad Bunny did not choose a single path but wanted to show that he shines beyond his jewels, for his talent when it comes to producing diverse songs with the trap base that characterizes him.

Only in this track and the previous one - "Tenemos que hablar", a rock track in which he complains about a girlfriend who demands his fidelity- Bad Bunny gives hints that the next 10 tracks will be full of surprises. And that's because in the chorus of "Otra noche en Miami" everything changes and suddenly it's no longer trap, it's not reggaeton, but an exquisite chill-out hit that could easily be played in the first hour and a half of an electronic club.

I like to imagine that Bad Bunny is the prince of reggaeton, partying in a Caribbean palace furnished with armchairs upholstered in animal print, while the king, J Balvin, goes out with his army to fight battles of world conquest of the genre. Papa Balvin spreads his religion (as he calls reggaeton) throughout Anglo-Saxon countries, and the boy Benito parties moves around the property in a golf cart, and smokes creepy until he is nullified. While the king plants flags, the prince dedicates himself to thinking about how he can stand out with his work and be part of history.

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