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Written by Miguel Rodriguez

I want to say all about that pain, to feel every feeling in the rave, the feelings of the brave, i'm thinking, until I understand what happen those days, to transmit that we are activated, that we sing around world, we wanna be as the score, never getting a lose, we wanna be so great, we wanna be so cool, never complain about us, cause we are incredible, and we don't seek for approval.

It's inside me, all of the dangerous thoughts, that I know why, they emerge so hard, I think so, desperately their seeking for salvation, and if I find the dragons I would understand it, to overcome the challenges that approach, to begin my adventure on my own course, so we complete our goals from then, to understand the pain of the others.

To overcome what others propose you have to ignore them because they are haters in the conscience of themselves, there is no greater executioner than a restless conscience, people that attack themselves don't know how to control their thoughts because they feel so lost. They think that by complaining they would somehow approach their goals, but they really have to round up, to progress. And feel they are making something, now you have to feel the king of nothing, cause you should believe in yourself or think about it, that you write as others dream while you dream as they write.

Encourage them to rise, and give some advice, that they should make it and would receive apprise, don't stick to a compromise, just follow their beliefs and then improvise, life is a question about exercise, if you don't practice then dont despise, if your life is not as you want inside, then restart it and dont take it for surprise, help the other that you see are reprise and then with them you should finally arise.

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