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AIS Innovation Center



November 2022 - May 2023

Teacher (s):

Steffany Vizcaino


High School


SALGAR KIDS LIBRARY is a social project with the purpose to create a creative Library with english books, materials and resources for more than 50 children of the Salgar community with the purpose to improve their english and literacy skills and have access to quality bilingual education.

Driving Question(s):

How might we improve education and literacy skills of children from vulnerable communities through a community library project?

Learning Objective(s):

1. To develop empathy and community service skills
2. To improve teamwork and social project management skills.


The purpose of the BOOKWORM PROJECT is to empower children and young people through the power of a book. One book can change the world. Books are the bridge through imagination and to expand our creativity and to think outside the box. Therefore, it is important that every children can have access to books and literacy materials to improve their skills and to have access to quality education. The main goal of this project is to create a inspiring and eco friendly environment for children that promotes literacy, education, book reading, knowledge and support disadvantaged groups in the community. Our aim is to build a Community Library that allow the community members to have increased access to information and know how to use it. Everyone can have access to the power of a book.


1. The process we carried out to accomplish the first part of the project was to research about a community and non profit organization that needs books from a vulnerable community. Then, we chose to collaborate with Siempre Vida Foundation, a non profit located in Salgar, Puerto Colombia and Universidad del Norte with The Univoluntarios Porgram, that impacts more than 50 children from the community that learn english with the Scribble Project every Saturday.
2. The second step is that we carried out a Book Drive Donation Campaign where we collected more than 300 english children books from School.
3. We had meetings with our community partners: Universidad del Norte and Siempre Vida Foundation to see the conditions of the current library. We noticed they lack basic school supply materials such as: paint, colors, pencils, chairs, tables, paper, notebooks, etc. Then we carried out a Volunteering activity with members of Key Club, Book Club to donate the 300 books collected and to get to know the children that go to the Scribble Project. Right now, we are in the second part of the Project that we will carry out a Campaign to collect School Supplies and materials to reburish teh Library.

Results and Impact Generated 

We created a Book Drive Campaign within our school where we collected more than 300 children books to build the Library. We visited the community 3 times to analyze the conditions of the current library and we carried out 1 volunteering activity in which we gave book donations and carried out activities with 50 children from the Scribble Project in Salgar, Puerto Colombia. In total, we have impacted more than 50 children from the community.

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