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AIS Innovation Center

Knowledge Hall - First Floor


October 2022 - December 2022

Teacher (s):

Iván Gómez


11th grade


Normally it is believed that the basic sciences have no connection with other subjects such as art, so it is important to clarify that there are strong points of relationship that allow to create and generate wonderful constructions through the interaction of these two branches of knowledge.

Driving Question(s):

1. How can we relate physics to other sciences such as art?
2. How can I apply Newton's laws in art?
3. Is there any connection between art and physics?

Learning Objective(s):

Construct a work of art (sculpture, painting, in general, related to plastic arts) in which Newton's laws are evidenced.


A renowned television channel (History Chanel), wishes to commemorate the birth of Salvador Dalí. To do so, it hires a visual artist to build a work of art based on Newton's Laws of Dynamics. The artist must carry out previous research on Newton's Laws of Dynamics and design a work of art based on/inspired by his research. The artwork created by the artist will be presented in an exhibition at the famous Altamira International School building in the city of Barranquilla. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to the artist to clarify their doubts.


1. Conduct research on different artists throughout history who have used science as a means of inspiration or have used scientific techniques to develop a work of art.
2. Delivery of the sketch of the work of art and the poster.
3. Presentation of the artwork to the public. An art exhibition will be held at the Innovation Center in which students will present the work done during the unit to the educational community.

Results and Impact Generated 

A work of art designed and constructed by the student in which he/she demonstrates the laws of dynamics worked on in the unit.

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