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AIS Innovation Center

Main Stage - First Floor


January 2023 - May 2023

Teacher (s):

Steffany Vizcaino


High School


Nowadays, young people find hard to start a business because they think it is difficult and they and they lack of materials and inspiration to find solutions to market problems. So that's why START UP TALKS is all about inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to improve their leadership skills and creativity by finding a solution to a problem and have the ability to sell a product or a service to a market.

Driving Question(s):

How might we create an entrepreneurship spirit in our students and support their business ideas?

Learning Objective(s):

1. To develop a leadership and entrepreneurship mindset in students. To inspire students to be creative and improve their problem-solving skills. To invite students to have the motivation to start their own business ideas.


The purpose of START UP TALKS is to motivate students to start their own business idea and develop an entrepreneurship mindset through inspiring young entrepreneurs that are changing the industry. The START UP TALKS are a series of different sessions where students can learn about leadership, finances, marketing-social media, Self confidence and Leadership, Social entrepreneurship: How to create a business to solve a social or environmental problem?, How to come up with an innovative solution?


First we met up with the START UP CLUB and the speaker to choose the topic for the session. Then, we sent a Google Form inviting students to join and participate of the session. We research about the topic and meet with the speaker to help create a storytelling for the inspiring story. During the session that is 30 minutes up to 1 hour, the speaker tells how they started up their business and how overcome their own challenges. Later, students can ask questions and share their experiences in entrepreneurship. We interviewed the special guest with our SharkCast Podcast and then we follow up with students and continue with our next session. The materials we use for this project are: Main Stage, presentation and entrepreneur stories.

Results and Impact Generated 

We have had 1 session with an invited speaker: Henry Antonio to talk about the "The recipe to become a successful young entrepreneur" where we impacted more than (35] students.

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