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AIS Innovation Center

AV Lab - First Floor


November 2022 - Present

Teacher (s):

Felipe Gutiérrez


12th grade


The AIS Sharkcast Podcast was consolidated to empower the current communication channels the AIS has with its community. The students want to connect with the different actors of the community and share stories and insights from educators and communication experts who can bring their perspective in different topics relevant to the current reality.

Driving Question(s):

How can we make use of existing communication platforms to generate content that will allow us to obtain a better connection with the AIS community?

Learning Objective(s):

1. Provide the opportunity for the educational community to have a free channel where they can express their thoughts and creativity on academic topics.
2. Generate experiences where students can interact with external agents that are relevant within the local and national environment.


AIS SharkCast is created with the intention of improving the English language eloquence of the school's students.


The process required that before making a Podcast is to team up with the Audiovisual Producer of the IC to subsequently record the Podcast. The Audiovisual Producer is in charge of recording and editing the audio of the podcast in question. The students must bring their own script, revised and polished, in order to rehearse and record the podcast with the aforementioned help of the Audiovisual Producer.

Results and Impact Generated 

Conversations between students and external agents that have allowed students to take ownership of the school's current affairs.

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