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AIS Innovation Center

Music Hall - Third Floor


February 2023 - Present

Teacher (s):

Giovanni Cunha, Willington Urbina


2nd - 5th grades


The AIS ORCHESTRA project is the result and confluence of the individual musical and instrumental processes initiated in February 2022 in the framework of the fretted strings instrumental program carried out co-curricular in our Saturday music school and curricularly in agreement with our Alidas Universities, (UniNorte, UniReformada and Bellas Artes-UniAtlántico). Belonging to the AIS ORCHESTRA is to be part of a distinguished musical group that promotes the culture and beauty of music while reinforcing values such as respect, teamwork, responsibility and commitment, discipline, integrity and many more.

Driving Question(s):

1. How can we ensure that our students take deep ownership of their knowledge and are able to transfer it effectively? 
2. How can we generate a social and cultural impact through music? 
3. How can we bring more children closer to experiencing the benefits of practicing a musical instrument and being part of an artistic community? 
4. How can we give more importance to the artistic part in elementary and middle school institutions?  
5. How can we align ourselves with the framework of reference for arts education proposed by UNESCO?

Learning Objective(s):

1. To reinforce deep learning and the transfer of knowledge of our students through the learning of a musical instrument. 
2. To generate a social impact that enriches the culture of our institution and the city.
3. To provide the possibility for our students to enhance their musical and instrumental skills through quality musical education.
4. To empower our students, through music, their cognitive abilities, and socio-emotional skills. 
5. To create alliances between our institution and university institutions that allow us to generate an exchange of knowledge and strengthen our teachings with reference to the road map for arts education proposed by UNESCO.


Scientifically, it has been proven that the interpretation of music leads to the intellectual and socio-emotional improvement of children. Currently, children and young people have incredible possibilities in the technological and social environment for their growth and development as professionals in a competitive and globalized world. However, at the same time, there are some adverse effects such as the accelerated pace of life, excess of technology, increase of addictive reward behaviors, and frenetic capitalism, among others. In response to these problems arising from this new social context, the practice of music is born as an empowering and helpful tool for those children and young people who have difficulties both cognitively and in their psychological, emotional, and social parts.


The AIS ORCHESTRA project was born after a year and a half of study, analysis, and continuous work.

1. The first step was to sensitize our students to the possibility of playing a musical instrument such as a stringed instrument. This was done by generating different sensitization spaces such as didactic concerts (November 25, 2021, August 25, 2022) and sensitization workshops held on November 25, December 9, and 11, 2021, and January 26, 2022.
2. Afterwards, alliances were established with higher education institutions such as Universidad del Norte, Universidad Reformada, and Bellas Artes de Universidad del Atlántico in order to generate an exchange of knowledge that would allow our students to learn to play these musical instruments.
3. In February 2022 we started our specialized music school on Saturdays as well as the pull-out lessons program in curricular music classes in alliance with the university institutions.
4. We constantly monitored the individual and group processes of our students for 1 year.
5. In collaboration with our partner universities, extracurricular cultural exchange spaces were created for the musical enrichment of our students, such as concerts, workshops, and master classes.
6. At the beginning of 2023, we began the logistics and management for the creation of the orchestra's brand as well as the different allusive elements.
7. On March 1st, 2023, the first rehearsal of the AIS ORCHESTRA began.

Results and Impact Generated 

1. To generate concerts in our institution.
2. To participate in social projects where our musical and social leaders generate value for a specific community.
3. This project just launched so throughout these following months until June we hope to share the progress of our students.

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