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This club will guide its members to find their wellness through changing habits and being active. It supports the idea that the first act of service is with yourself. Also, it is very important that they understand that everything comes from a concise thought, then with clear objectives and an organized routine, that will lead to the most positive results.


The mission of FITMIND CLUB is to empower its members to cultivate holistic wellness through positive habit changes and physical activity. We believe that true service begins with self-care, and our club is dedicated to guiding individuals towards personal well-being and fulfillment. By promoting the importance of clear thinking, setting concise objectives, and maintaining organized routines, we aim to support our members in achieving their most positive outcomes in life.


Our vision at FITMIND CLUB is to create a community where individuals prioritize their mental and physical health, leading to overall well-being and happiness. We envision a supportive environment where members are inspired to adopt healthy habits, engage in regular physical activity, and cultivate a positive mindset. Through education, guidance, and encouragement, we aspire to empower individuals to take ownership of their wellness journey and unlock their full potential.

Club Leaders


Club Members

Fionna Romano


Carlos Álvarez



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