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Connect Club is a club that seeks to build up connections inside and outside the AIS community in order to improve social skills, develop empathy, and generate a lifelong impact inside and outside our AIS community.


CONNECT CLUB is dedicated to serving our community through impactful social service projects. Our primary focus is on advocating for the welfare and promoting opportunities for janitors and AIS staff at Altamira International School. We are committed to fostering an environment of equality and inclusion where every member of our school community feels valued and supported.


Our vision at CONNECT CLUB is to be a driving force for positive change within Altamira International School. We envision a school community where the contributions of janitors and AIS staff are recognized, respected, and celebrated. Through our advocacy efforts and collaborative initiatives, we strive to create a culture of equality, dignity, and inclusivity, where everyone has access to opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

Club Leaders


Club Members

Valentina Botero


Gabriela Benavides



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