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The AudioVisual Club made up of students who are interested in being a part of the stage crew or technical crew for events held in the High School auditorium. Students who join the club are given the opportunity to pick an area of interest, including stage crew or technical crew.


The mission of the AudioVisual (AV) Club is to provide students with a platform to explore and develop their passion for stagecraft and technical production in the context of events held within the High School auditorium. Comprising students with diverse interests in stage and technical crew roles, our club aims to foster collaboration, creativity, and skill development in an immersive and hands-on environment.


Our vision at the AV Club is to cultivate a dynamic community of students who are passionate about the art and science of live event production. We envision a club where members have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, hone their technical skills, and work together seamlessly to enhance the quality of productions in our High School auditorium.

Club Leaders


Club Members

Sofia Abisambra


Isabella Sánchez



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