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Igniting the spark for inquiry




Priscilla Vargas, Natalia Zabarain


May 6, 2023



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About the Course

Deep learning is an integral tool in intentionally creating deep learning experiences for students. Teachers can use the IDEA (INQUIRE-DEFINE-EXECUTE-ASSESS) learning design framework to guide the development of Inquiry Based Units that are focused on students' acquiring key knowledge, understanding, and success skills. This model starts with INQUIRY, encouraging students through exploration and high-level questioning that engages them in problem-solving and experiential learning. In the DEFINE phase, students use the information they gathered from their empathy questioning to gain insight of goals and develop a problem statement that could also include specified criteria for success. The next phase is EXECUTE, where students take all their observations, ideas, and developments and develop a prototype that helps in implementing a solution to the problem. The culminating phase, ASSESS, may generate new ideas to solve the user problem through feedback received from an authentic audience and, finally, it helps them improve their prototype or solution given to the problem.

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