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The AIS Science Program

Based on the guidelines established by the Colombian Ministry of Education and the US Next Generation Science Standards in pursuit of the comprehensive training of children and young people, the purpose of the curriculum in the Natural Sciences area of ​​Altamira International School is to develop skills and competencies, scientific studies based on the study and analysis of natural phenomena. To achieve this, it is pivotal for students to build proposals that provide effective solutions to problems from the understanding of the environment and the implementation of the scientific method as a formal mechanism for inquiry, the foundation of hypotheses, the comprehensive use of knowledge, and verification of theories and the preservation of the scientific spirit.


The PK-12 curriculum is made up of the components of physical science, life science, earth/space science, technology, and engineering, which are developed from a student-centered method. These are based on learning with purpose through the creation and construction of cornerstone tasks that encourage decision-making. In addition, they have an impact on a personal, social and environmental level, leading to innovative and sustainable solutions through the use of scientific knowledge.


Finally, the area contributes to the training of global citizens who can face complex challenges through critical thinking, empathy, cultural worldview and creativity, which are prevalent in the consolidation of our students as agents of change and apprentices for and for life.

The AIS Science Fair

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