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UN Changemakers Club seeks to create and promote leadership to face global challenges that demand innovation to impact our community. We strive to remain in Altamira’s pathway as a club that combined social service, Model United Nations, and International relations to carry out sustainable projects regarding the World’s biggest challenges throughout the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


The mission of UN Changemakers Club is to cultivate leadership and foster innovation in addressing global challenges that impact our community. Committed to the principles of the United Nations, we aim to harness the collective potential of our members to drive positive change and create sustainable solutions for the world's most pressing issues. Through a multidisciplinary approach that integrates social service, Model United Nations, and international relations, our club strives to inspire action and make meaningful contributions towards achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Our vision at UN Changemakers Club is to be a catalyst for transformative change, both locally and globally. We envision a community where leaders are empowered to tackle complex global challenges with creativity, empathy, and collaboration. By leveraging the diverse talents and perspectives of our members, we aspire to implement innovative and sustainable projects that address the root causes of poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, and other pressing issues outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Club Leaders


Club Members

Shadya Velazquez


Isabella Conde


Maryangel Canabal



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