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Written by Valeria Méndez

From a small and timid child,

She steps into a world that's wild.

The school gates open wide,

As she begins her journey inside.

At first, she's shy and unsure,

But soon her confidence will mature.

With books and pens in her hand,

She explores the world and her own land.

The teenage years bring new highs and lows,

As she navigates the twists and turns life throws.

But in the safety of her school,

She learns to be brave, strong and cool.

She makes friends and memories,

Discovering her own strengths and abilities.

She grows and evolves with each passing day,

Becoming more resilient in every way.

Her mind expands, and she discovers new passions,

As she begins to chase her dreams with great ambitions.

With each lesson learned and hurdle crossed,

She comes closer to achieving all she's lost.

As the final bell rings, and the school days end,

She looks back on the journey and the lessons learned.

A metamorphosis, a transformation,

A young girl who's grown into a woman, ready for any situation.

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