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Written by Valeria Argote

To my mind, to my body, and to my soul

With a pen in hand,

And no thoughts wondering my vacant head,

I start to wonder why is life so lifeless,

And why do we choose to be miserable instead,

It is a frequent notion that runs through my mind,

One that suggests our happiness is chained,

Solely by the image we desire to find

Nowadays there are no hello’s,

There are no goodbyes,

There are no how are yous

Nowadays, superficiality rules

There has been an evolution,

A change in our relationship,

With nobody but ourselves

The only faulty, however,

are the men behind the screen,

They control our every thought,

Forcing us to intervene

We are never left alone,

Our mind is our worst enemy,

We reach harmful limits

Reedeming to this pointless supremacy

Those countless hours spent,

In front of a reflection,

Represent our tireless search

For unachievable perfection

We sob, we scream,

We rumble in pain

But all of those efforts

Are sadly in vain

In vain, since our minds

Still vacant, still sore

Could never be happy

Stubbornly asking for more

It is sad to belief

That there’s no more to us

Than a nostalgic reminiscing,

Of a past with no flaws

Those untroubled good days,

Where our essences flaunted,

Allowed that reflection,

To never be haunted

There are many right now,

who refuse to accept,

that a happily ever after,

requires no debt

No debt from your mind,

No debt from your body,

No debt from your soul

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