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Written by Tomas Barragán

As I walk these halls, I can't help but feel the weight of my own transformation. For once, my mind was pure and bright, but school has dimmed my inner light. The boredom and anxiety have taken hold, my character changed, now cold and bold; I used to love to learn and grow, but now I'm just a shell, oppressed by arbitrariness, confined in jail. Tests and grades, they rule my days, I'm just a number, lost in the maze, The joy of learning, now long gone, replaced by fear of getting it wrong. Around me, happy faces, lost in the abyss of ignorance and comfort.

Their once lively spirits will be shortly restrained, we're all just trying to survive, our true selves buried deep inside It's a depressing truth we face, our education system, such a disgrace, we should be encouraged to be ourselves, but instead, conformity sells.So here we are, transformed and lost, our minds and characters, at what cost? School, a place of growth and light, but for many of us, it's just a fight.


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