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Written by Sofía Abisambra

Actualizado: 9 nov 2022

We are imprisoned in our dreams

caged in our sorrows

Jailed in our comfort

We dream of big buildings

a sky full of gray

a city of dreams

Dreams about money

money we need

money we desire

money we crave

have we forgotten the meaning of life?

or have we always neglected the sky

the sun, the stars

the beautiful smile of the ones we love

is there a reason behind your actions

is it in our nature

how come we don’t question

are we really supposed to function like this?

we are imprisoned

we are locked in cages

cages that blind us from the q

qs we reject

qs we forget

qs we ignore

qs we don’t love

What are we capable of doing

What are our conditions

What role should we assume in society

What is left of our ethics?

Imprisoned in our sorrows

In cages we created

Jail we sentenced ourselves

How come money is above all

Above you

Above them

Above us

We will burn in our greediness

We will drown in our sickness

Guilt will devour us

Pain will find us

Simple, easy, or hard

money we need

money we desire

money we crave

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