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Written by Sebastian Franco

De: Sebastián Franco

Para: Can

Can, wherever you are, I think you are undoubtedly proud of the impact you have made in this life. I can assure you that you had the voice of a prophet as most of the things you talked about today are a reality. I met you 3 years ago and you changed in many ways my way of seeing life, songs like ''Y la felicidad que,'' ''Stupid love story,'' and ''La vida como película, comedia, tragedia y ficción'' are always present in my day to day life. You are an admirable case because of how real you were and because today your phrases make more and more sense. Nowadays I understand that your songs were not made to be understood 10 years ago, if not today, you were ahead of your time. Your concepts of life and death were as extravagant as you yourself were, and today, 9 years after your death, the phrase you once said in 2012 in your song ''El primer trago'' ''no se muere quien se va solo se muere quien se olvida'' is confirmed and reaffirmed. And definitely you have not been forgotten. That phrase that maybe you did not say thinking that could apply to yourself but now is marked for the history books. There will always remain the doubt of your death and the campaign of persecution through which they sought to stain your name, even so all of us who really listened to you and understood you through your songs know that everything is a complete injustice, and that someday everything will come to light and your innocence will be proven. It is memorable how you managed to get out of the worst places and hamlets that one could imagine, but although you left them in body you did not do it in mind, never forgetting your roots. You fought for your ideologies and the freedom of the people of your country to the point of putting your own government against you and who knows, maybe even taking your life. You lived love in a singular and exceptional way, for the ignorant it could even be considered cold but it was simply the things you lived that made you narrate love in the most real way that exists, and what can I tell you reality sometimes hurts. You once said ''El tiempo es la locomotora más rápida conocida hasta ahora, por eso debemos aprovechar las horas'' and without a doubt you took advantage of it like practically no one else in the world. I don't want to go on much longer since I know that it is likely that in that paradise of which you skeptically preached there are many better things than reading this letter, so to say goodbye I want to highlight probably one of your best verses and that is as you said ''Vivimos Entrenando para hacer dinero o estudiando cosas que a veces ni siquiera queremos, esculpiendo nuestros cuerpos pa' estar buenas Y buenos pues sabemos que pa' ver corazones todos son ciegos...'' Poor those who never had the opportunity to understand you and ignorant those who had the veracity to criticize you, after all as the tattoo on your arm said ''all we need is love''.

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