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Written by Samuel Rhenals

Dear BoA, the woman who flies

for 20 years she lives

and of course, she never dies.

An industry she has proven wrong

new ideas she flourishes along

evading those old stereotypes

changing the ideas behind our phenotypes

Her gender stood her back

and her age made her look immature

she kept on moving her track

and an audience she could lure

At only 13 years, she achieved so much

entertainment had never been so strong

she was winning money and eating brunch

she now knew where she could belong

Korea was her first and only market

but she knew she had much more to give

she didn’t wanna sit there and park it

her music was much more than relative

there was much more to explore and live

expanding this art was a new target

It was hard to patch out where to go

Korea was so big yet so unknown

this industry was almost like a tango

too many steps to get to a throne

Where shall she spread the music?

Thou which shall not believe

Korea might have thought she was sick

but she had something to achieve

She saw art and music outside of borders

forgot politics and expanded her art

she knew with much supporters

she could fix something by putting her part

Those who once rose the sun

barely opened arms to the oversea

scared of what could be done

still welcomed to the pod a new pea

The expectations were so low

but her spirit was always high

she had to get carried by the flow

she couldn’t let this chance die

Despite young and filled with innocence

she fixed what those above could not

she just had to give at least her 2 cents

to finally untie the terrible and hateful knot

From years of hatred and distance

no solution came forward from dates back

but with just a little resistance

she became a bandaid to a gigantic crack

her music shattered a glass

so tense but so delicate

a new path opened in the grass

helping create a new delegate

she molded hate into something new

artistry had never been so impacting

a new little strong seed she grew

A bond that was so everlasting

she knew it was her moment to dive in

into a forbidden place she never sorrowed

a sea expected to be so uncertain

two nations that finally followed

she finally knew what success was

generations looked down with pride

she knew she fought for a cause

tears of joyfulness just happily cried

little believe in how much she changed

a new genre she could create

a new way she was able to finally pave

chasing a new place so desperate

for once she knew what to do

she led those behind her into a new era

a new world we have walked into

she is the modern definition of a Guerrera

She has never been so fulfilled

From being the youngest to the oldest

a string of resentment she killed

today, BoA, has become the strongest

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