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Written by Juliana López

The school experience and mostly the high school experience is characterized by the ongoing changes that students face as actual human beings with emotions and personal thoughts. Such changes are inevitable and can lead to a positive development of one’s personality. This drawing represents a student that is blooming after the struggles and experiences of a high school student. It is important to understand that people are like flowers; some bloom while others rot, and some are born again without leaving any trace of what they used to be. A person can face different phases of life in just a few years. Being a teenager is extremely difficult due to the different adversities that come in the way. For example, situations like bullying, jealousy, loss of friendships, relationships (both romantic and platonic), all while dealing with long, boring classes and teachers that may not be what one expected. One should mostly understand these stages of life as part of the metamorphosis of a person, and one should also consider themselves a hero after all. It is not necessary to do “good actions” in order to be a hero, nor is it necessary to save someone else in spite of saving yourself. In order to be a hero, one must inspire and acquire the correct tools to grow and transform oneself. Heroes can understand what has gone wrong, and especially, how to change it. Evolution is not linear, so it should be clear that as a hero, it is possible to still go through hard times and face troubles just like everyone else. Actually, everyone is their own hero. It is not valid to assume that because someone is struggling or is not being the best version of themselves, they are not a hero. Instead, learning that change is necessary to reach the highest and most pure version of oneself is essential. Learn to grow, learn to inspire, learn to be that flower that only wants to reach the sun.

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