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To Lana del Rey…

From simple as loving him in love song

To loving him in California

Oh Lana, I’ve learned and feeled so much because of your music

You didn’t just showed me how to disappear

But also how happiness is a butterfly

And no matter how hard I try, it is still difficult to catch

From the greatest to bartender

Made me feel nostalgia

Making me reminisced and project my problems into your music

Because despite what was going on with me

Your art was still a break from reality

With you summer albums

I passed the summertime sadness

But also the hottest summer

With doin’ time

With violets for roses

I learned how you can never change the way you are because of others

One of the most valuable lessons I learned till’ this day

You made me appreciate youth

With this is what make us girls

Reminding me how my friends and I

Talked and acted at our “sweet sixteen”

Made me crave a love as in love

And despite that

Sometimes my kind of love is in my feelings

I’m growing older and that has help me



analyze the dedication behind

each song

Each cord

each album

Thank you for creating not just music

But art for over a decade now

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