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The philosophy of an Outsider/ Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish, Pirate Baird O'Connell is an artist who was Born in Los Angeles, California on December 18. Is a Daughter of actress and teacher Maggie Baird and actor Patrick O'Connell. She was raised in a two-bedroom house in Highland Park, where she and her brother were homeschooled. Eilish was encouraged to pursue her interests in dance, gymnastics, horseback riding and especially music. Talking about Finneas, that is her brother he was her collaborator, co-writer and producer. They continued to compose and record together from a bedroom after Eilish emergence as a global phenomenon. In her songs, there are no bios of gender. If we talk about the song “my future” the story is not going to be different if the gender changes because the song is about a perception and desires of the future of not only the writer and how that person wants to get to know herself but also how we need to be prepared and work for a future of our world. If the second person of this story, in this case, the future of herself wrote the song, the perceptions will change, because there is a game with times; timeline. Maybe, the future of herself will say that she likes or dislikes what she has done to get to where she is right now. Along a pass through, maybe the future will be sad or may be proud of what she got through.

Billie is a role model. Most of her lyrics talk about mental problems and how to get out of them, about love towards people's future, and about things that normally happen to people; disorders, mental problems, eating problems, etc. in this song, she talks about how we need to have hope in the future of our world, and that we need to work on it. What caught my attention is that she has hope of a future in this world that is crashing with everything that is happening. Everyone in the world would benefit from this story because she is saying that she would like to meet her future self and that she is in love with that person. But, it could be said that people will not be affected negatively. The voices that are being represented are a present person and a future person, a present person saying that she likes to meet her future self and is waiting to meet her. The intention of Billie with this song is to talk about self-growth, excitement and hopness, and also I think it connects with how the world is right now, and how it is going to change. She also refers to how the future to us may seem meaningless to us, but how we need to put effort and be excited about our future. She invites everyone to stay hopeful. Also she talks about loving herself first, and then someone else.

Pop, dark pop, electronic, emo pop, experimental pop, goth pop, indie pop, teen pop, and alternative pop are all incorporated by Billie. She also fuses a variety of musical genres. She also makes use of breathy, delicate, and soft voice tones. Her melodies have more emotion thanks to the dreamlike character that her vocals immediately give to her music. She is renowned for having total creative control over all facets of her work, including songwriting, album art creation, and even music video directing. She is demonstrably hands-on since she is involved in every step of the creation of her music.

Until recently, Eilish was thought to have a more traditional sense of style. She created her image throughout the early years of her career by wearing her trademark baggy pants, boots, big shirts, puffer jackets, beanies, and varied hair colors in an effort to escape questions about her body. Eilish, who appeared on the June 2021 British Vogue cover wearing lingerie and heels, has since gone out and recovered her image by dressing whichever she pleases. Even though Eilish occasionally wears baggy clothes and long acrylic nails, it's obvious that she has completely changed and found her own identity.

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