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Swim for mac miller

Don’t know how it started,

or if it’ll ever end,

some call it drugs,

others call it trends,

I smile on stage and numb myself back there

I’m tired and lost

And I have a helping hand

Which I can’t grab

I’m afraid her I may drag

I was a kid

Not very good at school

Who turned his dream into which destroyed me

when you’ve got those demons,

and even beautiful music doesn’t exorcize them, u you find an abyss

into the abyss that leads one amiss,

the destination where humans find themselves.

alongside our Friends, we grow and we evolve,

not all of the problems we have

are capable of being solved

during times like this you have to realize

that It Just Doesn’t Matter. so, try,

try to find what matters to you.

what matters is what I wanna do,

it is in these times that i ask myself:

What Do You Do when your favorite artist dies,

or when your mother cries,

uncomfortable eyes.

You swim until you break the ice and learn from that place “the dark”

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