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I feel that the band of Morat, has influenced my life with their songs and their lyrics. Their integrants Juan Pablo Isaza Piñeros, Juan Pablo Villamil Cortés, Simón Vargas Morales and Martín Vargas all graduated from the same school that was Gimnasio La Montaña in Bogotá, they all know themselves since they were five years old, except Martin Vargas because he is Simon little brother. I also studied there and Martín Vargas was still studying while I was in the school . All of this was when I still lived in Bogotá. Once Morat band went to the school to give a kind of a “private” concert to all of the students, they talked about how they started and what they were doing, they told us some of their plans for the future and nowadays they have won different awards like latin grammys and much more. Today they are a really big group in the industry and they are known worldwide, giving concerts in different countries and all of them have been full. The last musical tour they did they moved a lot of countries specially in South America, their biggest nights were in Bogotá were they needed to add one more day of concert because all of the tickets were sold in minutes.

Despite his sentimental lyrics, Morat always transmits a positive vibe, unafraid to let go, have fun and express a sea of ​​emotions with catchy melodies. They have lots of songs and they're new releases are really good and nice songs, such as 506 that has a complaint with a Juanes that is a popular Colombian artist, also they have Las Cometas Siempre Vuelan en Agosto that was dedicated to all of the social leaders that have been killed in massacres in Colombia, they wrote a song to share that they stand with Colombia to say no to violence and that social leaders must be respect as every Colombian person, this song introduction is the Colombian anthem and they want to make sure people notices they’re position in this topic. They also have París that was a collaboration with a famous artist called Duki and their other song is Valen Mas that is only singed by them, all of these songs have been new releases and all of them produce a sentimental feeling with their nice and touching lyrics. Personally, I think that their best and most known songs are Cuando Nadie Ve, Besos en Guerra (feat Juanes), Amor con Hielo, Yo Contigo, Tu conmigo(feat Alvaro Soler). My favorite songs from Morat are No Se Va, 506, Bajo la Mesa, Mejores Amigos, En Coma, Presiento, Mi Suerte, Besos en Guerra, and Cuando Nadie ve. I think these are my favorite songs from the band because they are the ones that have touched me and also, I really like their lyrics.

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