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“A meaningful legacy”

In a society full of lies,

there is no one to believe,

except in she who dies

to make all those fly.

New ideals are rejected,

even though they are perfect.

So what should we do now?

Let's just express them somehow.

In the adversities,

music is the key,

Because is the only thing that will guarantee

The new diversities.

Today, there are some things left behind.

Society is really turning blind.

But, there is still hope

For those who are not hanging from a rope.

This girl gives women that deserved importance,

enforcing their abilities and aspects.

All they need is that supportance,

to stop being neglected.


Rosalía has been building a legacy of enforcement of the most vulnerable ones. In an implicit manner, by admiring women’s bodies and respecting them just the way they are, she is providing security to the society. Nowadays, young people, especially girls, are constantly exposed to body shaming on social media. By daily seeing perfect bodies they may feel insecure of their own. For that reason, her role in the media has a huge importance; she is totally aware of all the problems that are going on today, and is doing something positive towards that. In conclusion, it is very rewarding to see how there are still people caring for others, even though they are on top of the world in many aspects.

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