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A letter to Pink Floyd, to all its members, dead or alive, preferably alive.

Time is fleeting, and you faded away with it. As time passed by, each of your members took off, left, or died and a part of the band crumbled within itself and towards others. It might seem a little ironic to talk about time and its movement to a group who wrote countless songs about time and its shortage. The slow ticking, the weight, and the importance it has, but the way it condemns us to remain tied up to the seconds lost. I always wonder if you apply your own lyrics to yourselves. You might sing in records and shows that “The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older, shorter of breath, and one day closer to death.” However, have you realized that the impact that you have on your fans is also dependent on the fact that you remain consistent as the handles in a clock? Probably not, you might only be focused on inventing, projecting, and innovating something new to the industry you criticize and hate so much Mr. Waters but I understand, Pink Floyd must be respected and heard, no one ever does it like you.

As musicians, you explore with chimes, rings, and blares to construct a pleasurable experience for your listeners. Nonetheless, sometimes, I think I can’t quite relate to your songs since I’ve never been to England, actually, I’ve never been to Europe at all. But do you all know that each time I listen to your songs a bit of me hopes I never visit? You often refer in your lyrics to the typical quiet desperation as the “English” way, claiming you want to go home but forget where it is. You state that education is unnecessary and that teen rebellion is the way to success, is it really what you preach? Are you sarcastic? Do you advocate for it? Your audiences might become confused by your intentions, some people take songs literally, do you wish for it to happen to yours as well? Throughout this letter, someone who has never heard your music might think I dislike Pink Floyd as a band, but in a way, if you were to read it, you would understand. The fine line between hatred and love is called passion. The desire to place your opinions and beliefs in a combination of words and sounds is one of the aspects I most admire. Nevertheless, admiration should not drive an individual as it leads them to narcissism and to feeding the ego.

I find it impressive to see the sincerity a sum of letters and words have to deeply impact a group of people or even a nation, for this, I would like to thank you, I really would not have anything to accompany how I feel, and thus I feel sad that some people are rejected entrance at the prime adventure of listening to your songs. Music is an event, Pink Floyd makes it an experience.

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