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AIS Innovation Center

Innovation Center


August 2023


IC STEAM Teachers


Elementary, Middle and High School teachers


At the beginning of our school year, we invited teachers from Elementary and Highschool to encounter a first hand experience at the Innovation Center. As a teacher, I’m a true believer that what we ask or expect our students to do but first we must try and experience it ourselves.

During this visit, educators who specialize in STEAM subjects share their knowledge and expertise with fellow teachers. These workshops were designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of best practices among educators.


We offered a variety of activities for teachers to pick on depending on their interests, subject areas, and needs. While designing the workshop, we thought of it being: hands-on, fostering creativity and critical thinking, effective use of technology, collaboration and group discussions, etc. By the end, teachers could easily walk away engaged and motivated to try these experiences with their own students. Teachers walked away with strategies for integrating STEAM into the curriculum and cross-disciplinary project ideas.

Results and Impact Generated

As a team, we concluded workshops from teachers to teachers are a fantastic way to empower educators, promote innovation in the classroom, and ultimately enhance the educational experience for students. It aligns with the idea of teachers learning from their peers and continuously improving their teaching practices.


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