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AIS Innovation Center

Main Stage - First Floor


October 2022


Edgar Castaño


5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th grades


The objective of this activity led by the Semillero S.I.C.E., is to present the significant experiences based on the STEM approach and the teaching that the projects and scientific research developed throughout 2022 by various educational institutions in the region have yielded.


The first local meeting of research groups was held under the topic: "Urban heat islands and their effects on the population". Eight research groups from different educational institutions in the country presented and shared their work and research proposals through significant experiences based on the STEAM approach. In addition, international presentations were given by scientists from NASA's Globe program, who shared their experiences and invited our students to explore the world of science and research. Finally, a rocketry contest was held with the intention of testing the skills of the STEAM methodology, resulting in the consolidation of our own research seedbed: SICE AIS.

Results and Impact Generated

As a result of this event, we achieved:
1. Consolidate our institution as a pillar within the region in terms of STEAM methodology.
2. Consolidation of a network of research seedbeds under the NASA Globe program.
3. Creation of our research seedbed SICE AIS.
4. We were able to demonstrate that our institution is an excellent host of national and international stature for educational events allowing us to impact our community locally, nationally, and internationally.


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