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AIS Innovation Center



September 2023


Book Club


10th - 12th grade


September has been the perfect month to launch our Recycling Campaign. This is an excellent initiative with numerous benefits for the environment, the school community, and future generations. We hope our students bring as much recycling material from home as they possibly can. We’ve shared a list of materials that we are recycling. We want to encourage all of our AIS community to actively join our campaign. This campaign has a double purpose: recycling materials and reusing them. We want to collect recycling materials for our makerspace and fabrication lab at our Innovation Center. We want to build and create projects made of recycling materials.

We are conscious about how we humans are damaging our environment. The time is now and we must take action. We can’t continue living this way if we want our planet to stay longer.


We already launched our school campaign. We want students to commit and take responsibility. We want to recycle as much as we can throughout the school year. We hope this shapes the mindset and culture of our school and future generations. In order for this to happen, we must:

1. We will use assemblies, presentations, posters, and informational materials to raise awareness about the campaign's goals and benefits.
2. We will create clear and simple recycling guidelines. We want to make sure everyone knows what can and cannot be recycled in your school's recycling bins. Label bins with clear instructions and visuals.
3. We will ensure that there are sufficient recycling bins and containers placed strategically throughout the school, including in classrooms, cafeterias, and common areas.
4. We will involve students in the campaign planning and execution. Create student-led recycling teams or clubs to take ownership of the initiative. Students can be effective advocates for recycling among their peers.
5. We will offer recognition for classrooms with the best recycling rates, or provide small rewards for students who consistently recycle.
6. We will maintain open and regular communication about the recycling campaign's progress and successes. Use newsletters, announcements, and social media to keep everyone informed.
7. We will set specific goals and measure progress to track the impact of the recycling program.
8. We will engage teachers in the campaign by incorporating recycling into the curriculum. Encourage them to discuss recycling and environmental topics in their lessons.
9. We will demonstrate active participation in recycling efforts to set a positive tone. School staff, including teachers, administrators, and custodians, should lead by example.
10. We will extend the campaign's reach to involve parents, families, and the wider community. Hold recycling-themed events, workshops, or clean-up activities that engage the broader community.

Results and Impact Generated

We want to raise awareness in our students since they are young and still in school. We hope they learn to recycle and apply this learning outside of school. Overall, recycling is a fundamental component of sustainable living and environmental stewardship. It plays a crucial role in reducing waste, conserving resources, mitigating climate change, and promoting a more sustainable and equitable future for all. Individual and collective efforts to recycle can have a significant positive impact on the planet and society.

We know that building a recycling culture takes time. We want to be persistent and patient in your efforts. Celebrate small victories along the way to keep motivation high.


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