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AIS Innovation Center

Music Room 1, 2 y 3 and Music Hall


September 2023


Willington Urbina, Giovanni Cunha


2th - 12th grade


This school year our Music program is incorporating a new methodology into their classes known as ‘Pull- outs’. A pull-out in a music program involves pulling students out of their regular classroom or group music class to receive individualized or small group instruction. Our music teachers are offering a variety of pull outs such as: piano, guitar, violin, cello, drum, voice, among others.


This is a new approach that our music teachers would like to test out this school year. It has been proved how some students may benefit from one-on-one instruction in music to address specific learning needs or challenges. Pullout lessons can offer a personalized approach to teaching, allowing the music teacher to tailor the instruction to the student's skill level and learning style. Also, pullout lessons can be used to provide advanced training to students who excel in music. These students may need more challenging material or specialized instruction beyond what is covered in the regular music class.

Results and Impact Generated

Overall, pullout lessons in a music class are designed to enhance the learning experience and cater to the individual needs and goals of students. They can contribute to a more comprehensive and effective music education program by addressing specific challenges, fostering talent, and promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of music.

As a school we would like to try out this new methodology in our music classes and see what happens by the end of the semester and school year. We believe students in pull outs are able to progress faster and deeper. Let’s see if this methodology helps our students develop love and talent for music and they are able to transfer mindset and skills learned in music class to other subjects and areas of their life. It has been proven the effectiveness of music in improving attention and focus in our students.


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