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AIS Innovation Center

Biology Lab - Second Floor


September 2023


Oriana Onofri


9th grade


Throughout this laboratory experience called Lab Materials the students were learning about the proper use of laboratory materials and equipment in order to be prepared to use them in future laboratory experiences. In addition, they were able to argue why it is important to follow a protocol in the laboratory, explain the uses of glassware, identify the most important parts of a microscope and explain the main difference between a microscope and a stereoscope.


Why is it important to know the lab equipment?
You should always know your lab equipment well before you do any type of experiment because, without the proper knowledge of your equipment, you will not know how to use your materials or how to correct a mistake that you could make with your equipment. Science can be fun but it can also be dangerous because you can be working with any kind of objects, chemicals, or minerals that may be able to harm you or someone else. You must know your lab equipment and how to use it for not only your experiment but also for faults that may occur during or after the experiment.

In order for the experience to be successful, students had to follow a series of next steps:

1. Get to Know the lab glass equipment.
The students will identify, label, and describe the function of all the glass material. They will be in contact with the material. As they do the students will be in contact with the material.

2. Microscope parts and functions:
The students will recognize the parts of the microscope by contrasting a picture, and they will research its function.
With the help of the teacher the students will learn: how to observe a sample, and with the use of the slides and coverslip, they will observe and make annotations of a specific sample.

3. Stereoscope station:
The students will compare the structure and function of the stereoscope and microscope.
The students will observe a sample and make annotations.

4. Safety protocols in a lab:
Share and discuss in your group the biology safety protocols.
Then play a game to test your memory.
Make your own individual conclusion of why it is important to follow those protocols.


Results and Impact Generated

By the end of this lab experience, students had to reflect on their learning and answer the following questions:

1. Conclude why it is important to follow the protocols inside a laboratory.
2. If most glass materials are used for water, Which is the main difference between, a test tube, beakers, Erlenmeyer, and a graduated cylinder??
3. Main differences and similarities between the microscope and a stereoscope?
4. Microscope observations.


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