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Design Thinking Challenge for our School's Environmental Management Program (SDG 12)

Currently, we are working with second through twelve grades on multiple projects framed by the SDG 12: Responsible Production and Consumption. We have:


Students (2-12 grade)


Ideas being prototyped

The best ideas will be awarded at 2022 AIS STEAM Fest, and become part of the AIS Environmental Management Program.


During the first semester of the school year, grades from 2nd to 12th Grade worked through the design thinking process the sustainable development goal number 12 (Responsible production and consumption) where students were given a challenge in ‘How might we achieve a more sustainable school by developing activities that contribute to our institution's environmental management efforts’.


For this challenge there were more than 100 sustainable development ideas throughout the institution, looking for ways to have a sustainable AIS. Among these innovative ideas 50% went to plastic waste, 14% to water waste, 12% to environmental awareness, among the most important ones. 

Main Challenges Identified at School

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